Adding images

The Columnist theme is best suited to having one single ‘hero image’ that supports the story or article — much like a newspaper. The image above is an example of the hero image.

Unlike The Columnist v1.0, the images in displayed in the latest version of the theme require less manual, specific image dimensions. The hero and thumbnail images are displayed to scale the full width and height of their container — whilst maintaining their proportional scale. All you have to do now is set just one featured image for the post.

  1. Hero Image: 1000 × 575px
  2. Thumbnail Image: 320px × 440px
  3. One-column width: 726px
  4. Two-column width: 355px
  5. Three-column width: 235px

Images and The Grid

You can easily insert images into your posts by using the regular <img> tag. Your image is automatically re-sized in relation to the column structure being used. To demonstrate this, a single image below will be used for each column scenario. To learn more about defining the post column structure you can check out the Text style post.


  1. This is a lovely theme. I am trying to set it up and I am having issues with the images so I thought I would post here.

    I enter the custom field title as

    ‘Large Image (625×390)’

    and then put the link in the value field and nothing happens? Am I totally missing something here? :(

  2. I am trying to put a logo where the thumbnail image is, top left and I can’t figure out how to do so. It’s the same size as the thumbnail image. Any help would be fabulously appreciated.

    PS – I love how typography strong it is :)

  3. Not a fan of custom fields, but must say that this theme got me thinking. i’m gonna give it a try, well actually more than that. i gonna use it. thanks for all your time and effort. appreciate it.

  4. Great theme, is it possible to post a hero image on the home (index) page? I’d like to post a logo on the home page instead of the large empty white space.